7. 7. - 13. 7. 2024

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Zoran Dukić
Aniello Desiderio

Castle Mikulov - Entrance Hall

Details about artists: Zoran Dukić, Aniello Desiderio

Marco Piperno
Marco De Biasi

Castle Mikulov - Entrance Hall

Details about artists: Marco Piperno, Marco De Biasi

Enrica & Laura Savigni
Castle Mikulov - Sala terrena

Details about artists: Enrica & Laura Savigni

Sylvain Luc
Castle Mikulov - Big Castle Hall

Details about artists: Sylvain Luc

Kytarový soubor Konzervatoře České Budějovice
Castle Mikulov - hall TBA

Details about artists: Kytarový soubor Konzervatoře České Budějovice

Nigel North
Castle Mikulov - Entrance Hall

Details about artists: Nigel North

Michael Koschorreck
Daniel Stelter

Castle Mikulov - Big Castle Hall

Details about artists: Michael Koschorreck, Daniel Stelter

Pavel Steidl
Castle Mikulov - Entrance Hall

Details about artists: Pavel Steidl

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TBA: Marco De Biasi – „Synesthesia“ 

TBA: Enrica Savigni 

TBA: Josué Gutiérrez – The importance of classicism for guitar didactics

TBA: Nigel North

TBA: Michael „Kosho“ Koschorreck – Basics of improvisation

TBA: D'Addario presentation


10th July 2024: Guitar presentation


Daily: Exercise for guitarists - Lucie Křenková


Daily: Guitar orchestra - Josué Gutiérrez

The Mikulov Philharmonic Orchestra has been a festival tradition for over a decades. A guitar orchestra composed of festival participants will perform at the final afternoon concert.


Daily: Alexander technique - Michael Parkinson 

Many musicians like myself began to learn to play an instrument at an early age. We all wanted to play well hopefully as well as our teachers, or players we heard and admired. Our teachers and parents also wanted to see us progress very quickly and be successful. But as with learning many other skills in life such as writing, painting, sports etc. it was very easy for us and our teachers / parents to focus attention on the results and not so much on the way we achieved these results. Frederick Mathias Alexander (1869-1955) called this the “endgaining” approach to learning. The Alexander Technique is a method of helping people discover how they are using their bodies when performing an activity: for example walking, sitting and standing or indeed something more specialized like playing a musical instrument. One can learn with the help of an Alexander Teacher to recognize and reduce the unnecessary habitual tensions and interferences which not only hold up our technical progress, but may also cause us pain while playing. Because of the obvious benefits to performers, the Alexander Technique has been an integral part of the musical curriculum at many major musical institutions worldwide for the past 30 years, especially in Britain and the USA.

Master classes take place in the form of individual lessons and are intended for registered participants of all levels of guitar playing. The classes will take place with the lecturers listed below, please state your preferences in the application form.


  • ANIELLO DESIDERIO - 8. - 9. 7.
  • MARCO DE BIASI - 8. - 13. 7.
  • ZORAN DUKIĆ - 8. - 9. 7.
  • JOSUÉ GUTIÉRREZ - 8. - 13. 7.
  • NIGEL NORTH - 8. - 13. 7.
  • THOMAS OFFERMANN - 8. - 13. 7.
  • JUDICAËL PERROY - 8. - 13. 7.
  • MARCO PIPERNO - 8. - 13. 7.
  • PETR SAIDL  - 8. - 13. 7.
  • ENRICA SAVIGNI - 8. - 13. 7.
  • PAVEL STEIDL - 8. - 13. 7.
  • MARTIN SCHWARZ  - 8. - 13. 7.
  • JENS WAGNER  - 8. - 13. 7.

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The Guitar Festival Mikulov belongs to the most significant events of its kind not only in the Czech Republic but also in the Central Europe. Its 36th year will traditionally include seminars, lectures, workshops and masterclasses. A very important part of the festival is a number of afternoon and evening concerts for general public. Therefore, the participants will have an opportunity to observe the invited tutors both during their masterclasses and live performances.

The main goal of the festival is to introduce world’s top classical guitarists to Czech and foreign participants and to provide them with the information about the latest trends in the area of guitar composition and interpretation. The organizers believe that the festival will contribute to better artistic education and orientation of Czech participants. We also aim to introduce concert guitar in a picturesque and inspirative environment which will enrich not only Mikulov region but also the whole course of national and international cultural events. Next important goal is to give an opportunity to rising generation to play in front of the professional public and under the leading of top artists which represents unique and valuable experience for their future career.

The festival in 2024 will customarily proceed in two levels. The first is intended mainly for the active participants but after previous arrangement will be open for general public too. This part of the festival consists of masterclasses, seminars, lectures and various workshops including guitar orchestrarehearsals.The second, level for public, consists of twelve afternoon and evening concerts in Mikulov castle. The component part of the festival are sales exhibitions of musical instruments and accessories, sheets, books, CDs and DVDs.

The performances of the evening concerts will include top guitarists from all of the world like: Aniello Desiderio (Italy) & Zoran Dukić (Croatia), Pavel Steidl (Czech Republic), Sylvain Luc (France), Nigel North (Great Britain), Enrica & Laura Savigni (Italy), Michael „Kosho“ Koschorreck & Daniel Stelter (Germany), Marco Piperno (Italy), Marco De Biasi (Italy), Guitar Orchestra of Conservatory České Budějovice, cond. Klára Ferenczi a František Lukáš (Czech Republic).

The masterclasses will take place every day from 9.00 to 12.30 in the areal of the high school (Gymnázium) Mikulov (Komenského 7, Mikulov). At the same place will take place seminars, lectures, workshops and guitar orchestra rehearsals during afternoon hours. The participants of masterclasses will have an opportunity to show the results of their work during the afternoon concerts open for general public. 

Every year the festival welcomes about 120 active participants. They are mainly students of conservatories, musical colleges and universities, primary musical schools and conservatory teachers or amateurs from the Czech Republic or abroad. The total number of concert-goers is about 2000 people.

"Ganz vielen Dank für Eure großartige Gastfreundschaft, und dass ihr dieses wundervolle Festival weiter leben lasst!! Ich habe mich wieder sehr wohl gefühlt bei Euch - es war wieder wunderbar!"


"I want to say thank you again! It was such a beautiful experience being part of the Mikulov festival. We are taking lot of inspiration home. You and the team are doing an incredible job. We know how much work it is to set up a festival like this - and it was just wonderful to see you all making it possible with suchenthusiasm. Thank you for a great time!!"


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